Olivier Mankondo is a keynote speaker and has been on a plant-based nutrition since 2016. Just by chance, he happened to be watching a program that showed that animal products were not designed for the human mechanism.

He applied this newfound knowledge in his life and was able to cure himself of high blood pressure, severe headaches, chest pains, painful joints, back pain, abscesses and dandruff without the use of any medication.

Before adopting a plant-based nutrition and the newfound knowledge, Olivier Mankondo weighted 100 kilos (15½ stone) and lost 35 kilos (5½ stone) in nine months without surgery or physical exercises (gyms, boot camps, etc.).



Speaking  Topic: “THE PLANT BASED NUTRITION: HOW IT’S GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” In this highly inspirational talk, I’m going to show you the specific diet adapted to the human mechanism which will give people perfect health. You will also be able to know the root cause of all chronic diseases and how the self-healing machine, which is the human body, can prevent, stop and even reverse these conditions. I will present a high-energy, thought-provoking talk to encourage your audience to adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges. They  will be empowered with this powerful knowledge and the tools that they can instantly put into practice to enhance their lives.


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How to Lose Weight in One Week

Olivier addressed the attendees about the ways to reduce weight in seven days. In his learned opinion, the surest way to reduce weight in a week is through a healthy plant-based diet and exercises. The event was held on 25th May 2019 and contributed greatly to lives of many for the better.


Conference-13th April 2019

Olivier spoke about how a healthy diet can keep you away from diseases. He talked about the benefits of the plant-based nutrition. The seminar comprised discussion about methods of reducing weight without a medication-free diet plan. Olivier shared his experience and answered questions and queries about the audience during this session.